Thursday, April 14, 2011


So wrote Crowley whose seldom-seen graphic output is the subject of this first posthumous exhibit. A very few of Crowley's paintings and drawings have been published in the fifty years since his death. The greatest portion of his work has been known to me through generations of copies of black and white photographs which of course give no hint of Crowley's talent as a colorist. Surely the lack of attention his art has received in the last sixty-six plus years since his October 1931 Porza Gallery exhibit in Berlin make it time enough to call for an appraisal of his creative work in chalk, charcoal, paint, pencil and watercolor. Likening himself to Blake, Crowley saw his Art, as the above Quotation demonstrates,as the essence of the spiritual pursuit. But in this he is an unknown god. His contribution and artistic legacy have received scant mention in the intervening years outside of the various biographies and general works on the Occult.

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