Monday, April 4, 2011

Rune Lore By Edred Thorsson

The author of the bestselling Futhark has done it again! Combining historical lore with esoteric investigation, Runelore dispels most of the misconceptions fostered by recent books that purport to exp lo re the runic tradition. A rune is a magical word. It is a selfcreated viewpoint, and it cannot be communicated through profane or natural speech. It is a magical word that is whispered in our ear by the Odhinn within. Runes define patterns of existence and co n sciousness that are manifested in Divine Consciousness and in the World Being. The language of the runes will appeal to both the occult and academic worlds because it combines folklore, linguistics, the history of religion and magic. Contents include:

• runic history from the pre-Viking er a to the present
• rune magic and divination
• runic codes
• rune poems
• runic numerology
• exp la n a t ion s of the mysteries of the 24 runes
• runic psychology and its relationship to Jungian symbolism
• runelore of the Odhinic pantheon, and how the runester can unlock the ways of the divinities within

Th is is an indispensible textbook for all those who seek to unravel the riddle of the runes.

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