Tuesday, April 12, 2011

THE UNCONSCIOUS PART II: Second and Third Chakras by Suzan Caroll

Emotions from our fourth dimensional astral body interface with our physical bodies via our hormones and biochemistry. Since these dark feelings cannot be accessed by our conscious mind, our body's discomfort from keeping these secrets is projected to our consciousness as “dis-ease.”

These hidden emotions create an overall sense of dread that feels like a dense, heaviness in our bodies and/or a floating anxiety that keeps us hyper-vigilant, jumpy and nervous. Depression numbs our emotions, makes us eat and sleep too much, not enough, or at the wrong time. Then our bodies are even more uncomfortable, which makes us feel like the “victim” of our emotions.

In this condition, our desire for sex becomes a statement of our desperate need for love and/or the conquests of a failing ego. In a vain attempt to control our emotions we seek out drugs and alcohol. Each substance creates a certain "emotional feeling" and temporarily serves the purpose of dampening the emotions that constantly haunt us.

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