Thursday, April 14, 2011

THE UNCONSCIOUS PART V :The Spiritual Guidance Door by Suzan Caroll

Spiritual guidance hears our call and surrounds us with its love. When we can no longer stand our fear and pain, we fall to our knees to ask for guidance. Then perhaps, if even for a moment, we can feel the long arm of love as it reaches through our fear and self-pity.

Fortunately, a moment is all that is needed to accept guidance from the realm beyond time. Through our fears, our sorrows, our anger, and our pain, the Hand of LOVE seeks to comfort and ease our tortured heart and weary mind.

If we can open ourselves to this love, if we can believe that we DO deserve this it, then we CAN allow it into our hearts. Then we WILL be able to accept the love that has been offered. When we can accept the love from our Higher Self, we can begin to sincerely love others and to allow others to intimately love us.

When we have released the fear and chosen love, the cycle is completed. Once we have touched our darkness, we can return it to the light.

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