Monday, April 11, 2011

Unlock Your Healing Codes by Asara Lovejoy

Your Body Does What You Tell It to Do.
So COMMAND It to Do What You WANT It to Do.
Now and for the Rest of Your Life!

In Unlock Your Healing Codes, world-renowned teacher and bestselling author Asara Lovejoy bridges the distance between knowing your mind can heal your body and actually activating your inherent healing power.

Combining scientific research into the mind-body connection with time-honored healing techniques and wisdom PLUS her world-renowned One Command method, Asara gives you a simple, consistently reliable, science-supported system for controlling your health and wellness.

Together with renowned energy healer and The One Command Global Leader Bonnie Strehlow, Asara personally guides you into the miraculous theta brain-wave state, and then tells you how to issue perfect, powerful commands for addressing and controlling virtually any health or wellness issue you face now or will face in the future. You'll discover how you can COMMAND YOUR BODY to:

*Eliminate seasonal illnesses (colds, flu, bronchitis, environmental allergies)
*Diminish and prevent diseases (cancer, heart disease, arthritis)
*Alleviate and end the pain and discomfort of chronic conditions (back pain, fibromyalgia, skin conditions, food allergies, chronic fatigue syndrome)
*Reduce the effects of stress and anxiety (depression, weight gain, insomnia, digestive disorders, low energy)
*Feel as healthy and vital as you possibly can (more energy, higher self-esteem, better sex, greater happiness, increased productivity)

In addition, you'll hear incredible stories of real people who have used this process to command true healing miracles.

The blueprint for perfect health is imprinted on every cell of your body - right down to your DNA. Let Asara Lovejoy show you the simple secret to unlocking and unleashing its full power, and discover just how healthy, happy, and whole you're truly meant to be!

Audio CD in MP3 + PDF | 350 MB

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