Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Chakra & Kundalini Workbook: Psycho-Spiritual Techniques for Health, Rejuvenation, Psychic Powers & Spiritual Realization by Jonn Mumford

This book is unique because it truly does capture the best of East and West in a modem synthesis of purely efficient, concise, and powerful "psychic" techniques combined with breath and posture-thus enabling you to use the MindBody interface constructively for health, long life, and psychic and spiritual development.

This is, in every sense, a "workbook." Dr. Mumford provides exact, stepby- step guidance to the progressive Mind-Body exercises. Yet, as concise as it is, there is humor in this text. And there is inspiration. In the final section you will discover a beautiful Tantric Ritual that demonstrates how there are "levers" with which you can transform the everyday moment into one of transcendence.

When you spend only a few minutes each day on these exercises, you will build a solid experience of psycho-physiological techniques that promote better health and greater control over your personal destiny. At the same time, you will lay a solid foundation for the subsequent chapters in which you can look forward to the attainment of supernormal powers, an enriched Inner Life, and ultimate enlightenment.

This book is neither a quick fix nor a panacea. The exercises are grounded in classical technique, with contemporary innovations, and developed over a lifetime of learning, experimenting, and teaching. The text has been augmented with illustrations and tables to help bridge the gap between instruction and understanding.

• Experience total release from everyday stress and worries with a drugless inner relaxa tion
• Learn techniques to use for burn-out, mild to moderate depression, insomnia, general anxiety and panic attacks, reduction of mild to moderate hypertension
• Rejuvenate the nervous system and sharpen sensory perception
• Develop your psychic potential: telepathy, clairvoyance, psychometry
• Enter states of ecstasy, realization, and cos!llic consciousness
• Unleash supernatural powers such as photographic memory, self-anesthesia, and mental calculations
• Stimulate latent memory tracts of the subconscious and recall forgotten material
• Experience sex for consciousness expansion, ESP development, positive thinking

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