Tuesday, May 10, 2011

D i a b o l u s : The Dragon within the Triangle of Darkness An exploration of the Adversary within Magick by Michael W. Ford

The very intent and purpose of this essay is to bring to light the roots of the Adversary in    Magick from a historical and mythological standpoint. As a practitioner of Magick from a    Satanic and Luciferian viewpoint, many often inquire on my sources and inspirations    from which I form my sorcerous work. It was because of this need for a crystallization of    the form and function of the praxis of sorcery that I began, to present a concise view of    the practice of Left Hand Path magical practice from a Luciferian viewpoint.      

The Dragon within the Triangle of Darkness is a reference made to the evocation circle as the meeting place of the Daemon and Man, but also the Luciferian rite of Azi Dahaka, the Sorcerer-Dragon King from Persian mythology called Zohak, an original Son of Satan. The Black Triangle by more common knowledge is related to the concentration of Will to Evoke the Daemon of Man and Woman, to uplift and envenom their spirit with the Adversarial Gnosis (an illustration is found in the Paitisha).

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