Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Children of the Law of One & the Lost Teachings of Atlantis by Jon Peniel

Atlantis, the lost empire. Not the movie - but for real?

The legend of Atlantis. The ancient Greek scholar, Plato, gave detailed accounts about it. It was once considered a myth by scientists. Now scientists no longer argue whether or not it existed, but where it was located. And what if there were survivors who remained isolated from the rest of the world? Could they be the reason for stories & legends like Greek/Roman gods, Mt. Olympus, Shangri-la, and more?

This book is the true story of the author's discovery of, and 3 years in, a secret monastery hidden deep in the Himalayas. The Shargung la monastery was the source of legends, such as "Shangri la". It remained totally isolated and undisturbed until recently. The monks still practiced the ways initiated by the monastery's founders - survivors of Atlantis that had gone to Egypt, then later, Tibet. The book is not about the discovery, archeology, or sociology however. It is the revelation of their teachings, history, and prophecy, which have now been released according to their prophecy. It is presented in an easy to read format that allows the reader to join the author as he learns the teachings at the monastery.

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