Monday, May 23, 2011

Integral Transformation by Ken Wilber

Session One: What Is Genuine Transformation?

What does human transformation really mean? Why are so many of us highly developed in some areas of our lives while other parts of us a lag behind in growth? Ken Wilber presents an overview the two key aspects of growth that we all go through—and why Eastern traditions and Western psychology each provide only half of the picture. Drawing on the insights crystallized from science, philosophy, and spirituality, Ken explores in this session:

* “Waking up”: The stages of consciousness that lead to non-dual realization
* “Growing up”: The essential structures of social, cognitive, and moral evolution
* How meditation can accelerate your personal growth—and what it can’t do
* Integral enlightenment—why spiritual awakening is only one part of today’s definition of enlightenment
* What is the Self? What is the Soul? Ken Wilber explores the mystery of our true nature
* How can people effectively communicate between different stages of development?

Session Two: Integral Life Practice

When it comes to transformation, practice is where the rubber meets the road. Ken Wilber’s approach to integral practice is about finding the most effective strategies for propelling your evolution—and leaving no part of you behind. Focusing especially on the oft-neglected shadow side of our being, Ken brings you results-oriented guidance and wisdom distilled from his own research and experience, including:

* The 1-2-3 of God: Understanding the divine as the true self, the “great Thou,” and the Kosmos itself
* The shadow—how the neglected “dark” aspects of the psyche affect our personal evolution
* Integrating the shadow—why normal meditation can’t clear our shadow elements, and what practices can
* Is liberation different for men and women? Ken explores the masculine and feminine sides of enlightenment
* Sticking with it—honest answers about what to do when you lose momentum in your own practice

Session Three: Kosmic Consciousness—The Goal of Human Transformation

Where is evolution leading us? Is true enlightenment even possible—or necessary? As we evolve as a species, both our potential for enlightenment and the challenges we must face to get there continue to grow. In this final session, Ken explores the new face of transformation, and how the emergence of integral consciousness provides a pathway through the dangers that we have created for ourselves. Join Ken in this revealing dialogue as he explores:

* What creates the shadow? Why traps of the psyche emerge at every stage of growth, even for spiritual masters
* Is there a dark side of integral consciousness?
* Reincarnation and human transformation—Ken’s surprising case for past lives
* What is enlightenment today? How do you spot a modern bodhisattva?
* Simple keys to turning your meditation into an integral practice
* What lies ahead? Ken Wilber’s vision of the near future of humanity

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