Friday, May 27, 2011

Knowledge from the Sacred Tree Runes: Images and Shapes of Energy By Tina Houk

Various European Shamanic tribes used the Runes. That is an important concept - that Shamanism, the seeking of greater insight through transformation into other states of awareness and consciousness, by traveling into other worlds, if the Runes will facilitate you. The communication they provide through the process of divination and through consciously contacting them at other levels, are in itself aspects of the Shamanic journey. My purpose in recounting the Odin myth (the vision quest on the tree of life to receive the knowledge of the Runes) is to encourage us all to grow through exploration and the willingness to actively seek knowledge.

The information in this book on the relationship of the Runic shapes to their meanings evolved during personal workings with the Runes. This material was then incorporated into a beginner’s course that I was teaching and from there this book evolved as a mixture of that course and how I personally work with Runes. It is my hope that the information I have worked with will also benefit you. I recommend and refer to the books listed in the bibliography and encourage you to examine and potentially utilize the information that each offers...... Author

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