Thursday, May 5, 2011

Kundalini and the Art of Being by Gabriel Morris

Kundalini and the Art of Being is the soulful memoir of a young man's profound experience of unanticipated kundalini awakening. It details both the events leading up to his life-changing spiritual experience, and how he learned to cope with its bewildering and multi-dimensional aftereffects. Part spiritual adventure story, part wandering travelogue, Morris relates both his inner and outer struggles and adventures as he criss-crosses the western United States traveling to Rainbow Gatherings and music festivals, backpacking alone in the wilderness and visiting assorted communal settings. Unknowingly, he follows the path of Chris McCandless, subject of the book Into the Wild, as he hitchhikes the same stretch of highway through Canada and Alaska taken by McCandless just a few months earlier to a different fate. Documenting the challenges faced by many young people in today's world, this book is both a gripping adventure tale, and a wise and genuine account of one such person's process of spiritual awakening and discovery.

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