Monday, May 9, 2011

Magical Techniques of Tibet by J.H. Brennan

We came from s distant galaxy to colonize this planet, but lost our memories and abilities in the process. An alien race evolved in a world at he centre of the universe. This race was known as the Lha. Lha practiced samten se which enabled them to create matter incuding food and articrafts solely by the power of their minds. This great tradition developed in the Himalayan vastness of the tibetan plteau. Over centuries of isolation, thi culture investigated the mysteries of the mind and magic to a degree never attempted before. This book delineates tibetan spirituality and practices of tibetan magic. It presents a body of techniques based on tibetan Buddhism and Shamanic Bon . We can learn authentic tibetan magical practices, including tumo, the ability to stave off the cold by stimulating the chakras and energy channels of the body, light trance states to recall past lives.

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