Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Relaxercise by David Zemach-Bersin, Mark Reese

Relaxercise offers a comprehensive series of unique easy-to-do 30-minute Awareness Through Movement exercises recorded especially for the general public. Relaxercise is designed for use both at home and at work. It gives special consideration to the common postural problems associated with sitting for long periods of time. Relaxercise improves your posture offers relief to every common problem area and is a rich source of information on how to maintain healthy movement.The twelve Relaxercise titles are:

1. Introduction to Relaxercise
2. Learning Easy Flexibility
3. Low Back Comfort
4. Lengthening the Spine
5. Relaxing the Shoulders
6. Total Breathing
7. Aligning the Body
8. The Art of Relaxed Eyesight I
9. The Art of Relaxed Eyesight II
10. Your Power Center
11. Your Best Face
12. Happy Feet

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