Thursday, May 12, 2011


The Great Master, Huzur Maharaj Baba Sawan Singh ji, has been one of the greatest exponents of these teachings, that the world ever produced. Born in 1858 in a highly respectable Jat family of Punjab, He showed signs of great Spiritual Understanding from early childhood. As a boy he could repeat by heart the Japji Sahib of Guru Nanak and Jap Sahib of Guru Gobind Singh. His great spiritual hunger and thirst for Knowledge of Truth and Reality brought him in contact with Baba Jaimal Singh Ji, in 1894, who at the time of initiating Him remarked that He had been holding something for Him in trust from the Lord, which he had discharged that day.

All the saints, sages and prophets of the world affirm that "the Kingdom of God is within us" and one is not to wander outside to achieve Salvation. In this Temple of Nine Gates (our body) the Lord dwelleth. One only needs a Teacher or Guide, who knows the Secret of the Path to enter this Palace and who can lead us to the Presence of the Lord—our Loving Father. This is possible only in the human life. No sub human specie has this capacity or privilege. A teacher of the science of spirituality is as much needed as is a teacher of any other science or art. This unknown Path is so curved, complex and labyrinthine that one cannot tread it without the help of a Guide—an Enlightened Soul. This Guide must be a Living Master, who can take us to the Highest Region, beyond death and dissolution, whence there is no coming back. Such Masters are always present in the world. The Masters who died long ago, or their writings, can be of little help to us.

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