Friday, May 20, 2011


The cover story is a channeling that offers a unique perspective on our energy fields and their expansion. The channeling points out that the energy field is not like a shapeless ocean of energy within and around you. The energy fields are like coiled springs around you. The expansion of the energy fields is vertical like a coil that is gradually opened up. The nature and colours of the etheric, mental and emotional coils of energy are explained.

Other topics explored in this issue are the discovery of 'soulmerging' as a heart opening beyond current belief, the importance of taking a dip in the ocean of spirituality rather than shrinking away, how the habit of making New Year resolutions becomes a way of cheating ourselves, how to grow spiritually and how to move from intellectual understanding to it being our experience, the process of concentration, visualization for healing, and thinning down in the New Year. There is also an inspiring spiritual poem.

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