Monday, June 13, 2011

Embodied Learning: Focus on Breathing by Elizabeth Beringer

We all know that life depends on our ability to breathe. What is not as obvious is the extent to which the quality of our breathing affects the quality of our life. Many people live unnecessarily with a restricted ability to breathe. This may be due to trauma, ongoing pain or simply the adoption of bad habits. This eight-session program leads the user step-by-step through important aspects of healthy breathing. Each lesson artfully combines imagination, breath and movement to create the basis for fuller and more comfortable breathing.

The way we breathe is normally something that happens outside of our conscious control. Using Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lessons, one finds that it is possible to let go of habits that interfere with full breathing and instill new healthier habits. Breath and movement are intertwined; people using this program report not only expanded breathing ability but also increased flexibility. The lessons proceed gently, and each person can learn at their own pace. Focus on Breathing can be a great support for anyone recovering from surgery, dealing with pain or looking to increase their overall health and vitality.

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