Friday, June 10, 2011

Getting Past Smoking by Thomas Condon (Changeworks)

This CD will help whether you want to reduce and control your smoking
habit or quit completely. The CD incorporates the latest and most powerful techniques along with Multi-Evocation. It will help you identify the "stress triggers" and psychological factors behind smoking and develop healthier substitutes. This approach will also help you deal with occasional urges, prevent future weight gain, and enjoy non-smoking.

Part 1 : Featu Features a discussion of various techniques people use to modify or dissolve their habit of smoking. These techniques can be used to cut down on cigarettes or to quit them altogether. This is followed by a hypnotic exercise that will help you envision yourself free from smoking and identify what this will mean to you in the future. The exercise can be returned to again and again for reinforcement and focus as you modify your habit.

Part 2 : Uses Multi-Evocation to o offer positive unconscious alternatives to smoking for both your body and your mind. This experience, too, can be returned to as often as needed.

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