Monday, June 6, 2011

Handbook of Hindu Mythology by George M. Williams

Handbook of Hindu Mythology offers a number of pathways by which to approach Hinduism's ever-changing gods and goddesses (e.g., BrahmA‰, Vishnu, Siva), spiritual verses (such as the vedas), secular epics (including the RAmAyana and the MahAbhArata), myths within myths, devotional and esoteric traditions, psychic and yogic disciplines, and magical practices.

With this handbook, readers can explore the history of Hindu mythology, follow a detailed timeline of key episodes and historical events, and look up specific elements of historical or contemporary Hinduism in a beautifully illustrated dictionary section. It is the ideal introduction to the origins of Hinduism, the culture that shaped it from antiquity to the present, and the age-old stories, ideas, and traditions that speak to the human condition as eloquently today as ever.

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