Thursday, June 23, 2011

Into the Deep - Delta Brainwave Entrainment Meditation Audio / Music from Brainwave-Sync

This meditation CD will take you deep into the delta frequency where you will discover a whole new level of meditation.

Playing the full 60 minute CD will give you an experience quite unlike any other. Over the course of 1 hour this CD will take you from the active state of mind deep into your own consciousness.

Featuring three different tracks all in the delta frequency this is one of the deepest meditative CDs you can buy!

Use this CD to:

* Experience ultra deep meditations!

* Induce sleep or sleep-like states whilst conscious

* Explore the vastness of your awareness

* Works with and without headphones

* Bring about permanent positive change

Brainwave-Sync's "Into the Deep" is one of the deepest meditations available in the Brainwave-Sync range of brainwave entrainment. Featuring delta frequency entrainment, this audio will take you deeper into your consciousness than ever before.

Beginning with deep reverberating tolling bells which clear all thoughts from your mind, progressing into a rich ambient delta tone, and ultimately leading to a world of discovery.

The three tracks on this CD blend seamlessly together into a profound and inspiring acoustic realm of deep meditation. [Length: 60 minutes]

Brainwave-Sync Meditation CD 2: "Into the Deep" Tracks:

1. "Into..."
2. "...the Deep"
3. "Discovery"

Play the entire CD from beginning to end for an unprecedented deep meditation.

Delta brainwave frequencies are the same as those found in experienced meditators whilst in the deepest of meditations. The Buddhist Deli Lama himself has expressed great interest in the association between meditation and brainwave frequencies.

Using this Brainwave-Sync CD you can quickly and effectively induce your own brainwaves into this deeply profound frequency.

Audio CD | 192 MB

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