Monday, June 27, 2011

Journey of the Cosmos - An Alpha Brainwave Entrainment - Music/Audio for Meditation and Relaxation

Journey of the Cosmos is a hauntingly beautiful piece of music, which uses Brainwave-Sync's powerful brainwave entrainment technology. This Brainwave-Sync CD contains 6 tracks in the alpha frequency each using the relaxing "Journey of the Cosmos" melody, making for a total play time of 80 minutes!

Brainwave-Sync Meditation CD 1: "Journey of the Cosmos" Tracks:

01. "Journey of the Cosmos" - Descent (Level 3)
02. "Journey of the Cosmos" - Level 2
03. "Journey of the Cosmos" - Level 1
04. "Journey of the Cosmos" - Level 0.5
05. "Journey of the Cosmos" - Level 0.25
06. "Journey of the Cosmos" - Ascent

Play the entire CD from beginning to end for an unprecedented relaxing and pure meditation.

Or create your own meditation session. Simply listen to the Descent track - which will take you into the Alpha range, then choose 1 or more additional tracks reflecting the alpha level you wish to meditate at. Example: Program your CD player to play "Descent" followed by "Level 0.5" This will take your mind into the alpha frequency during the "Descent'" and then move you into a very deep alpha level.

Use the "Ascent" track to return from your meditation experience completely refreshed!

Alpha brainwave frequencies are the same as those found in experienced meditators, and in extreme relaxation.

Using this Brainwave-Sync CD you can quickly and effectively induce your own brainwaves into this deeply profound frequency.

Audio CD  | 674 MB

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