Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Jyotisha-Siddhanta-Sara: The Esstenials of Hindu/Vedic Astrology by R. Rao.

Curiosity to know one`s future is both natural and universal; and therefore any method which attempts to unravel the mystery of the future has an attraction for the future has an Astrology, palmistry, numerology and various extrasensory processes which claim to predict the future have a popular appeal. An elementary knowledge of astronomy and a historical perspective are indispensable for a beginner. After going through the authoritative texts like Brihat Jataka, Brihat Parasara, Horasastra, Phaladipika etc., one arrives at the conclusion that the variables one has to tackle are far too many and the interpretations far too numerous and the task of integrating the diverse material is too complex. The subject requires deep study and one has to develop an insight and intuition to become a successful astrologer. The author has tried to present the essentials of Hindu Astrology with as objective an approach possible.

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