Thursday, June 23, 2011

Lucid Dreaming - Symphony of Dreams: Astral Edition - Enter the world of Lucid Dreams by Brainwave-Sync

Learn how to lucid dream, become conscious of your dreams and even control them with the assistance of Brainwave-Sync's 'Symphony of Dreams' brainwave entrainment CD. Listen to this CD whilst you sleep and your brainwaves will be altered effectively and safely so that a Lucid Dream can be induced.

Use this CD to:

* Become conscious of your dreams!

* Discover how to control you dreams!

* Greatly improve your dream recall

* Increase the number of dreams you have

* Works with and without headphones

* Permanently enhance your experience of dreaming

Symphony of Dreams is designed to follow you through the various brain states as you fall asleep, and then induce the dreaming state at the right moment. This drastically increases your chances of having a lucid dream.

Symphony of Dreams: Astral Edition has been remastered with brand new music. This CD is your journey into the realms of Lucid Dreaming. This beautiful 72 minute audio will take you from the waking world deep into the world of dreams. [Length: 72 minutes]

Audio CD | 330 MB

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