Friday, June 24, 2011

Magick Power Course by Mystic X

The Magick Power Course by Mystic X offers an opt-in mailing list so you can get a sampling of what is available to you.The course is very exhaustive and the below summary doesn’t covery ever aspect of the 11 modules but should cover what you’re interested in.

1. Eleven in-depth modules that cover various aspects of Magick:
* Obtaining Higher Levels of Conciousness
* Casting Spells – Revenge, Pyschic Powers,
* Building and deepening your energy awareness.

2. Relationship (Love & Sex Magick)
* Stopping Divorce
* Regaining a lost love
* Gaining the attention of others

3. Wealth & Health
* Acquire Super Radiant Health…
* Getting money beyond your wildest dreams

4. Advanced Protection
* Magick Spells to protect your home and well being
* Spells to heal relationships
* Spells to find lost friends

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