Monday, June 27, 2011

Theta Meditation - Starry Night - Brainwave Entrainment with Binaural Beats

Starry Night is the perfect meditation under the stars, which will take you deep into theta meditation. This Brainwave-Sync CD contains six binaural beats / brainwave entrainment tracks in the theta frequency, making for a total play time of 80 minutes!

Track Listings
1. Starry Night - Descent (Level 3
2. Starry Night - Level 2
3. Starry Night - Level 1
4. Starry Night - Level 0.5
5. Starry Night - Level 0.25
6. Starry Night - Ascent

Use this CD to:

* Meditate deeper than ever before!

* Clear your mind, and expand your awareness

* Create your own meditation sessions!

* Works with and without headphones

* Create a peaceful meditation music environment

* Bring about permanent positive change

Brainwave-Sync - "Starry Night" Tracks:

1. "Starry Night" - Descent (Level 3)
2. "Starry Night" - Level 2
3. "Starry Night" - Level 1
4. "Starry Night" - Level 0.5
5. "Starry Night" - Level 0.25
6. "Starry Night" - Ascent

Play the entire CD from beginning to end for an unprecedented relaxing and pure meditation.

Or create your own meditation session. Simply listen to the Descent track - which will take you into the Theta range, then choose one or more additional tracks reflecting the theta level you wish to meditate at.

Example: Program your CD player to play "Descent" followed by "Level 0.5" This will take your mind into the theta frequency during the "Descent'" and then move you into a very deep theta level.

Use the "Ascent" track to return from our meditation experience completely refreshed!

Audio CD | 599 MB

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