Friday, June 3, 2011

"Unlocking Your Intuitive Power: How to Read the Energy of Anything by Laura Alden Kamm

Laura Alden Kamm has been described as a "walking MRI" for the accuracy of her medical intuition. She is the author of Intuitive Wellness and the founder and director of The Center for Applied Energy Medicine in Scottsdale, Arizona. This audio learning course contains six CDs, runs five-and-three-quarters hours, and has a 34-page study guide. Kamm has stated: "Intuition is both an insight from beyond the analytical level and a vehicle that allows us to tap into the collective unconscious. It's the ability to ask a direct question and receive a direct answer from a source we are all connected to. That's the magic of it. And everybody has the ability to do that. Everybody does."

This complete training course offers ways to intuitively read people, locations, and animals. Kamm examines the four patterns of intelligence (functional, emotional, energetic, spiritual); discusses the chakras; and spells out the three layers of the electromagnetic field. There are plenty of exercises and guided meditations to help you put these principles into practice.

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