Thursday, June 23, 2011

Visualization (Pure Meditation) by Brainwave-Sync

Discover your complete potential with this mind enhancement Meditation CD. Using Brainwave-Sync's powerful brainwave entrainment technology, you can alter your brainwaves to a positive visionary frequency simply by listening to the CD for a few minutes.

Through out the ages many techniques have been used to induce journeys into the visionary realms. The natives and shamans of many cultures have reproduced these effects again and again. Now using modern technology and targeted brainwave frequencies you too can experience visualisations and even mystical journeys.

Use this CD to:

• Induce colourful visions!
• Perfect aid for deep meditation.
• See imagary whilst in a semi-alterted state with practice
• Listen whilst you sleep for even further benefits!
• Works with and without headphones
• Bring about permanent change

Journey into a world of visions, and even altered states of consciousness with Brainwave-Sync's 'Mind Enhancement' CD. Using powerful brainwave entrainment technology and targeted frequencies, you can replicate deep shamanic and mystical experiences of closed eye visuals and visionary images. And with some practice you can even discover how to entered altered states.


1. Visualization - [30 minutes]
2. Visualization - Deep Forest - [30 minutes]

Audio CD | 205 MB

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