Saturday, June 18, 2011


Astral Travel - What is it? How to do it? Why do it? In this issue, learn about astral travel from great luminaries from across the world.

In this issue, we have presented several articles that will open up your mind to see beyond the obvious... And don’t just read these articles. Do experiment... Do explore the possibilities...

We are also starting with first chapter of an extra-ordinary book ‘Your Immortal Body of Light’ by Dr. Mitchell. In each issue of YSR, we will publish a chapter from this fascinating book - a must read for those who wish to learn about immortality!

I believe we can learn a lot and expand our consciousness if we keep our minds open to new and sometimes conflicting ideas. We are trying to bring you different viewpoints for each subject so as to allow you to choose what best resonates with you and then you can move further from that point on your own.

Never, close your mind to an idea if it requires you to break your old beliefs. You might miss an opportunity for accelerated growth. Be open. Read. Think. Experiment. Find your own truth. Like on reading the word ‘astral travel’ or ‘immortality’, you might think it is ‘impossible’. But what if it is real? What if it is possible?.....Author

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