Thursday, July 21, 2011

Contact--The Ultimate Connection – The Tranquility Training Method

Since human kind first became self-reflective, we have longingly looked outward to seek an answer to life’s basic questions. Tranquility Training teaches that these answers can only be found by making Contact within. In making contact with what might be termed a “higher intelligence”, we gain the unique perspective often lacking when exploring life’s big questions with an ordinary state of consciousness. One might ask “Just who or what are you making contact with when in these higher states of awareness?” We believe that question is best answered by the explorer. Some feel as if they are making contact with their: spirit guides, angels, celestial beings etc. Others sense that they are making contact with their intuitive or total self. The question of “who or what” is not as important as the quality of the experience. One knows when one is in contact with a higher vibration. This knowledge opens up a whole new chapter in the lives of those who learn to make use of this connection.

Contains Three exercises to:

* Achieve Deep Physical Relaxation While Remaining Mentally Aware
* Connect With a Higher State of Being
* Deepen Your Meditation Experience
* Explore a Transcendent State of Consciousness
* Grow Spiritually in a Process That is Uniquely Your Own
* Create a Conscious Pathway of Connection to Your Total Self
* Activate a Higher State of Awareness
* Expand Your Knowledge of How Much More You Are Than a Body/Mind
* Understand Your Life’s Purpose

The Tranquility Training Method (TTM) is a non dogmatic meditation technique which is uniquely designed for the western mind. TTM applies decades of consciousness research to provide you with a safe and effective approach that will gently assist you into profound meditative states. Each TTM recording employs a clinically proven brain wave entrainment technique which will allow you to access deep states of relaxation as easily as wearing headphones!

The basic philosophy of The Tranquility Training Method is that peace is possible through relaxing the body/mind and exploring the total self. Once experienced, this sense of peace can be recognized and embodied as an internal state of being which is unshakable and solid. The Tranquility Training Method was created to offer a means of living gracefully in a continually changing world. This sense of grace is achieved by introducing participants to the deepest parts of themselves through meditation. The origins of TTM began in December of 2001 when Mark Certo (former recording engineer for The Monroe Institute) began to reconsider the purpose of his life’s work . As a recording engineer and musician, Certo had a profound appreciation of the power of sound to invoke emotional states in the listener. This knowledge had been expanded when in 1988, he had been invited to join the lab team at TMI by the Institutes founder Robert Monroe. Monroe had become quite well known for several books he had written about his experiences in the Out of Body State. For the next fourteen years, Certo become deeply involved in the scientific exploration of brain waves and altered states of consciousness. It was during this time that Certo became instrumental in refining the applications of Binaural Beats to induce altered states of consciousness

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Part  1                  |                Part 2

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