Monday, July 25, 2011

Engaged Druidism: A Practice Handbook

A deep and personal spiritual practice is an essential part of all of major traditions of the world, and is also a cornerstone of engaged druidism. By engaging in the practices outlined in this handbook, we can deepen our experience of the tradition of druidism and broaden our personal spiritual lives. The effects of these practices will be seen and felt on all levels of our interior and exterior lives.

While many of the world’s traditions prescribe a rigorous and pre-defined set of practices and rules, this is not the intent of this handbook. The practices you will find here are suggested practices. You are encouraged to find your own way – if a practice does not resonate with you, there is no requirement to engage in that practice. You are also encouraged to adapt the practices to your needs, or to add new practices that you feel are meaningful to you.


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