Friday, July 15, 2011

Luciferian Witchcraft : A Modern Approach to a Medieval Magickal Art - An Introduction by Michael Ford

Many understand the essence of Witchcraft as in relation to nature and general folk craft. While the folk magic brought from Europe flourished in the form of Wicca, mainly due to Gerald Gardner’s (1886-1964) extensive writings and Coven expansion. The system regarded Magic as a natural process, and to build knowledge from the earth, from which is powers reside. Many grasped this ideology well, given aid no doubt to the nature conscious fever of the 1960’s (1). It is considered that humanity has destroyed enough of its natural resources to begin the long process of re-building from the industrial revolution. Witchcraft offered a sister/brotherhood of individuals seeking the love of nature and folk magic, from which many in Europe in our current time are seeking yet again. “Witchcraft is the direct descendent of ancient shamanic cultures and practices, which has flourished with humanity since the beginning of time. The essence of witchcraft is of two basic aspects, being the discovery of the self and the unity with nature, and the mastery of sorcery and a balance of both dayside and darkside practices.”

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