Saturday, July 9, 2011

Ogdoadic Magick by Norman R. Kraft

For the person wishing to embark upon a reliable course in magic, in a place where a working group is not established, or for the person who simply seeks a solitary practice, Ogdoadic Magick is the perfect source. Everything the initiate could desire is found in these pages: a foundation in magical ethics, an exploration of Jungian archetypes as magical tools, wards and warding, how to create a magical robe, an introduction to the five elements and the Qabalah, as well as sensible instructions for establishing a daily and weekly practice.

Norman Kraft's Ogdoadic Magick began as a training manual for members of a contemporary mystical order, the Aurum Solis, in their first initiatory degree. This book takes the novice step-by-step through an entire year of magical practice. Kraft's work includes a clear definition of magic, drawing on sources within the Aurum Solis and from other respected traditions. He answers the question "How does magic work?" with an insightful discussion of the true work of magic: the discovery and enlightenment of the true self.

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