Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Revitalizer II by Thomas Budzynski

The Revitalizer II may just be the perfect stress management self-help tool. Designed and narrated by Thomas Budzynski, Ph.D. and based on his 20 years of experience as a clinician and researcher, the Revitalizer II incorporates the latest in audio neurotechnology.

The deep relaxation induction is augmented by whispered left/right "prompting" affirmations facilitated by a soothing Hypersynch tone and an ocean or mountain stream.

The audio length of 12.5 minutes of each of the two tracks allows even the busiest individual whether it be a harried student, over-stressed professional, or high-pressured executive to rationalize using it every day.

Students are much more likely to use the Revitalizer II at work or school as a "stress break" than either a longer tape or meditation. Athletes like to use it before competition to save on energy and reduce jitters. Managers can clear their minds and de-stress their bodies before important meetings.

Both reports from users as well as research with 36 chronic pain clients indicate that the Revitalizer II can take most users into a deep relaxation state and back in under 13 minutes. A subtle frequency-staged Hypersynch tone synergistically aids the compelling narration and whispered prompting affirmations in gently moving the user from the typically hurried, frenzied, tension-filled work state through a mind-quieting, body-relaxing, stress-relieving phase, to an energy-charged, refreshed result.

Feedback from users indicated that they were able to relax very deeply with this recording, because they knew it would only take 13 minutes out of their busy lives! Never listen to this audio while driving, operating heavy machinery or while engaged in tasks that require your attention.

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