Wednesday, July 13, 2011

THE ROLLRIGHT RITUAL by William Gordon Gray

In a normal and natural way, the Stones spoke through their own symbology of what they stood for in the past, and how this infallibly indicates the future we could expect if we are willing to follow the Pattern they laid out so long ago. Since the enquirer in this case was a working magical ritualist, the Stones revealed their ancient ritual structure translated into timeless terms of truth with the most startling spiritual significance and an intense impact of authenticity. It was an experience altogether "out of this world" to undergo. No words can possibly express the sense of "Inner reality and sincerity" felt during the Inner encounters with what can only be called the "Spirit of the Stones". This story comes straight from the heart and soul of an appreciative and everlastingly grateful human hearer who listened to the Stones themselves telling it in their own strange silent speech. What they had to say makes a message our modern world might do well to heed. Let all judge for themselves its value.

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