Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sadhana According to tripura Rahasaym by Swami Shantananda Puri

"Tripura Rahasyam" is a classic in Advaita philosophy  complied by  a  sage  called Haritayana, a   disciple  of  Parasurama  of  Ramayana  fame.   It contains the  various teachings and  elucidations received by Parasurama from his Guru  Dattatreya. Haritayana narrated them to Narada. Tripura Rahasyam consists of three parts known as Mahatmya Khanda, Jnana Khanda and  Charya Khanda. The current booklet  is confined to Jnana Khanda  which  comprises  of   2163   slokas.  This Jnana   Khanda elaborately describes the  process of Self-  enquiry (Atma  Vichara)  which is the  ultimate step  in  Self-realisation. It is  unique in  that  besides explaining the state and nature of Pure Consciousness  very   lucidly,  the   entire  sequential series  of   Sadhanas  leading  to   it   have  been discussed and  some  of the experiences be may encountered during the  various stages  of Sadhana, which  a   Sadhaka  could  easily  be   misled   to consider as the  final  Reality  have  been  underlined. Many teachings look identical with  those  in 'Yoga Vasishtha'  while   some   of  the  sublime  statements tally   with   those   in   'Ashtavakra  Gita'.   Just   as  in    Yoga  Vasishtha,  this   text   also   has   adopted  the method of explaining some  truths through some interesting and   unique stories.

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