Monday, July 18, 2011

Siva Samhita The Esoteric Philosophy of the Tantras by Srischandra Basu

"The objective of this treatise is to bring about proper understanding of Yoga and Tantra, as well as explain this science as a means of mental culture. The book attempts at removing disbelief and skepticism attributed to the ignorance of the real truths of Yoga. It provides enumeration, classification and definitions of the various faculties of the mind (Chitta), as the ignorance of these subjects have been a great stumbling-block to the progress of this science.

The book also discusses the powers of Yogis and their siddhis (psychic powers), through which they can produce visible manifestation of invisible forces. These are practiced for the sake of spiritual development, and serenity and calmness of mind."


  1. the link goes to DATTA BHAVANI in place of shiv samhita
    pl do the needful

  2. @Ridmil -- ThX a Lots Sir , Did Correction.