Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Aghora - A true treatise

Aghora is one of the faster and refined forms for the rajasic, tamasic forms of beings. But during ancient times, for a vedi to achieve rishihood, it’s said that he should have mastered Aghora too.

Aghora is the height is Vama Marga Tantra in its essence. But it also is a way of life in true sense. All the white sides (disciplines) presume maya as the reality and work towards realizing the uniqueness. But, Aghora from the start believes in leaving everything behind, totally without relationship with the mundane world. so an Aghori perceives the world devoid of attachments. For him the world is also like his favorite dwelling place the smashan (cremation ground)…he considers the world as the smashan, the one which belongs to one who are already dead or the one who will be dead at a future period of time.

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