Friday, August 5, 2011

BEYOND IMAGINATION :The Spiritual Interpretation of Numbers by Wayne Hartman

Numbers have played a major role in my life as far back as I can remember. Arithmetic, then algebra, geometry, and onward into higher mathematics. Five years ago, this was extended to Numerology ... involving the interpretation of the meaning conveyed via numbers/vibration in a whole new way. It was a natural extension for me. At times it became close to being an obsession. Through numerology I encountered a whole new world that I had not even known existed before. HERE and NOW, embedded in the present world, was a new meaning for the numbers and names/words that appeared everywhere. However, while that world was readily apparent to me ... others in my life were blind to it. To me, this "other world" is the very one through which SPIRIT manifests so magnificently.

Throughout the Beyond Imagination Notes, numbers and their interpretation are a major theme. I am moved know to go back and capture the many excursions into this realm that I was moved be SPIRIT to make in the course of the overall journey of the consciousness Wayne..........Author

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