Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bhartiya Jyotish by Dr. Nemichandra Shastri-Jyotishacharya-Hindi

It has not only set a new standard in the world of Indian publishing, but also provided a relevant proof of how useful and popular this book on a serious subject like astrology is. The present book is an authentic work on the subject. Not only that, one of its greatest distinguishing features is the simplicity and lucidity of its style which makes it possible for any person to acquire the practical knowledge of astrology while sitting at home.

Its study will make it easy for one to prepare annual forecasts, make horoscopes, ascertain specific astrological moments, fix auspicious and inauspicious moments, assess possibilities of advantage and disadvantage, etc., and also to know all the fundamental principles of this science, their history and process of development fully well. The book has proved equally beneficial to householders and students, scholars and experts of astrology.


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