Friday, August 12, 2011

The Dictionary of Sanguinese: Terminology and Lingo in the Vampire Community, Second Edition by Sanguinarius Sanguinarius

An indispensable guide containing all the common jargon, slang, doublespeak, plays on words, etc., used by real vampires to converse with one another, either privately or in public. With so many real vampires "coming out", or at least reaching out to others, there are many who just discovering there's a wide community out there, both on and offline. Many new vampires are unfamiliar with "vampspeak", and as such, use inaccurate or inappropriate terms they have been exposed to in popular fiction, movie, or role-playing games; or they use specialized terms only they, and possibly a small group of fellow vampires, have come up with. Unfortunately, though they may be quite real, this often makes them seem like posers, or ignorant. This lexicon should be an excellent guide and introduction to much of the terminology used; it is not intended to cover the highly specialized terminology and jargon used by specific groups and houses. This edition includes over 60 new terms not contained in the previous.

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