Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Encyclopedia of Angels by Rosemary Ellen Guiley

"What we know about angels," writes Rosemary Ellen Guiley, writer and lecturer on spirituality and human potential, "comes through our otherworldly contact with them." To bolster her claim, Guiley includes stories of some well-known recipients of angel charms--Dorothy McLean, founder of Findhorn; psychoanalyst Carl Jung; poet and visionary William Blake; and American pilot Charles Lindbergh--in this compendious volume.

Some might think of angels as our human pathway to the monotheistic God of our Western culture--a God who remains abstract and remote. All major cultures and religions, however, have intricately developed angel systems. Guiley covers all--comparing angels to analogous beings in non-western cultures in order to trace their evolution. The book is arranged alphabetically by topic, so readers can look up subjects such as angel hierarchy, individual angels, Judaic angelology, the supernatural manifestations of the Virgin Mary, and even--God forbid--sex with demons.

The Encyclopedia of Angels is thoroughly researched and pleasantly illustrated with photographs of sculpture and reproductions of some of the great medieval, Renaissance, and contemporary works of "angel" art. Believers and skeptics alike will treasure this encyclopedia of information on a luminous and mysterious subject!

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