Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Grove of Dana :Bardic Course Handbook by by Jason Kirkey

This is the first of three manuals; the Bardic manual, the Ovates Manual, and the Druidic manual. This text will be your guide through the first stage of your journey.

Dana (sometimes Danu) is the name of the primal Irish mother goddess, and its roots can be found stretching back all the way to the source of Indo-European cultures. Dana can also be expressed and experienced as an energy, or a unity of consciousness, similar to the Tao or Chi of Chinese culture. Thirdly it can be expressed as spirits, much like the kami of the Japanese Shinto. The material you will find throughout the courses at the Grove of Dana will be based on an understanding that Dana is simultaneously all three of these things, and that like the knotwork so famous in Celtic culture, it weaves and wraps each of these concepts around each other.


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