Monday, August 8, 2011

Incense: Crafting & Use of Magickal Scents: Crafting & Use of Magical Scents by Carl Neal

Most commercial incense is made from firework punks and synthetic fragrance oils. Incense made from natural ingredients, carefully shaped by your hands and heart, is the greatest way to honour the Goddess in the smoke. Let an incense craftsman show you how to quickly make incense that is natural, pure and empowered. Whether you want to create incense for ritual magic or just to freshen up the bathroom, this book will turn anyone into an incense maker.

The rituals, spells and recipes listed in this book are modified versions of rituals and recipes from my personal Book of Shadows. Although they are general in nature, they can be easily modified to fit with your path or tradition. Non-Pagan/Wiccan/Druid readers will find a great deal of useful information in the book as well. Anyone who uses incense should read this book at least one time.

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