Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Lectures on Meditation and Spiritual Growth by Tan Kheng Khoo


Introduction .

Meditation Practise
Concentration Meditation .
Progressive Stages of Samatha Meditation .
Effects And Hindrances of Meditation .
Vipassana Meditation .
Mindfulness (Meditation in Action) .
Meditation in Emptiness .
Kundalini and Qiqong Psychosis .

Death and the Spirit World
Dying Unto Death .
Spirits, Ghosts and Guides .
Near Death Experience (NDE) .
Out of Body Experience (OBE) .
Perchance to Dream .

Healing the Subtle Bodies, the Body and the Mind
Doctoring the Spirit, Healing The Body .
Auras and Chakras .
Cosmic Healing .
Thomas Keating .
Psychic Self-Defence .
Freedom From Fear, Anxiety & Other Negativities .

The Soul
Universal Law of Karma .
Universal Law of Reincarnation .
Our G-Plan and Sacred Contracts .
Soul Mates and Twin Souls .
The Anatomy of the Soul .
Brain, Mind and Consciousness .
The Existence of God and soul.

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