Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Thirty-seven years of experience in English colonies and a special study, not of the Continental, but of the English Masonic Literature have showed us the English Freemasonry as the ALMA MATER of all the other Masonic sects, even in the matter of Luciferianism or Satanism. We publish here only a small part of the information we have gathered on the DEVIL-WORSHII' IN ENGLAND and in the English speaking countries; it is intended to be a counter- part of the DEVIL-WORSHII' IN FRANCE by A. E. Waite. After our own self introduction, let us introduce our various Lucifer's, Satan's, or Devils so as to locate the proper ones in the English temples of the great Architect. There is no fear that we could dramatize them by weird stories; Our path will be the rough one of an explorer through unknown lands except to the natives of these black deserts. These are wary when asked for information; still experience succeeds in drawing them out from their most conceited coyness.

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