Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Paradigmal Pirate By Joshua Wetzel

The Paradigmal Pirate is a complete grimoire of practical magical training with ritual work and exercises for either the individual, or group, pursuing their magical objectives. It includes techniques for working magic through the practice of lucid dreaming; details the use of altered states of consciousness in magic; walks the magician through the construction of magical tools; covers the designing of rituals in the eight colors of magic and the occult metamorphosis of the self.

In the 2nd half the author covers the art of paradigmal piracy. Additionally he introduces the reader to the layered ritual method, open handed magic and working with your 'double'. He turns familiar childhood games into potent rituals of practical magic.

This work provides the magician with a set of useful methodologies and rituals for effecting change with the techniques of chaos magic.

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