Thursday, August 11, 2011

Practical Astral Projection by yram

Can man penetrate consciously into the fourth dimension ? The answer is yes, and the author has given practical information in this book to guide anyone in such a way that he may proceed to success entirely on his own.

Actual experiences of out-of-body travel are recorded and the methods used to attain them are clearly explained. The author shows that the phenomenon of dissociation between man and his body gives absolute certainty that man is able to survive in a new dimension.

There are discussions of the scientific, philosophic, and religious unity of opinions and beliefs, the relationships between man and the universe, and the rational practice of contemplation. There is also treatment of the distinction between thought-forms and living beings, the limitations of free will, the influence of will-power in the higher worlds, the mechanism of intuition and inspiration, and the nature of thought.

Those who sincerely wish to understand the nature of astral projection and its basic principles will find this a very valuable book; and those who apply these principles will find that consistent practice brings valid experiences.

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