Saturday, August 13, 2011

Servants of God: Lives of the Ten Sikh Gurus by Jon Engle

For the history of Man to carry a deep significance, it must be more than a record of passing events but rather a history of great deeds which have led men to a higher knowledge. But the history of the Saints lies still deeper than in apparent deeds. It is in the unfoldment and realization of an eternal truth-in the solving of the mystery of life and death-that one passes from "manhood" into "Sainthood" and merges back into the Perennial Source of Life.

This paper is an attempt to give a small insight into the greatness of ten such saints-the Sikh Gurus. Its basis is more moral, spiritual and devotional than academic or historical and therefore certain incidents which scholars may reject as unimportant or mere legend are here included simply to emphasize certain character traits of the Masters or to bring out some moral or spiritual point. Hymns that are included are not necessarily composed with direct reference to the story they are connected with but seemed appropriate or even the best means at hand for expressing the inner feelings of the Masters in their search for God or in their guiding of humanity.


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