Monday, September 12, 2011

Art Magic or Mundane Sub-Mundane and Super-Mundane Spiritism by William Britten

A treatise in three parts and twenty three sections, descriptive of Art magic, spiritism, the different orders of spirits in the universe known to be related to, or in communication with man; together with directions for invoking, controlling and discharging spirits, and the uses and abuses, dangers and possibilities of magical art.

This particular volume discusses not only the historical origin of magic, witchcraft, alchemy and alchemists, but also explores sex magic and provides the means for invoking and controlling spirits through hallucinations (drug induced and otherwise) and other methods. With a two full page illustrations, a frontis of an Astrolabe, and an illustration of a trial of a witch before Matthew Hopkins, as well as several smaller pictures illustrating important symbols, Nostradamus, etc.

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