Thursday, September 22, 2011

ASTROLOGIA MUNDA : A 17th Century study in the Ancient Art of Mundane Astrology by William Ramesey

Mundane astrology is probably the field that has lacked the most effort to restore, at least with the same level of effort as has been invested in horary, natal and even electional astrology.

Mundane astrology probably has its roots in ancient1 Chaldean or Babylonian «omen» astrology that was largely centred on the fates of kings and kingdoms. When western astrology first coalesced in the Hellenistic era, somewhere in the late second century BC, there appears to be very, very little written or mentioned about mundane considerations. It would appear that the extent of mundane considerations did not stretch much further than general interrogations and elections called katarchai, but these were closely associated to the personal or genethlialogical astrology of the Greeks.

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