Friday, September 16, 2011

Book of Deadly Names As Revealed to King Solomon by Jinn King Fiqitush, Nineveh Shadrach

800 years ago in a time of oriental magic and mystery... Sorcerers who mastered the art of summoning powerfuldjinn walked the lands of Andalusia and North Africa. One such sorcerer leftbehind a handwritten manuscript containing forbidden secrets of the mostterrible and powerful of all the evil djinn. Something about this particular manuscriptwas so disturbing that it ended up literally buried in Spanish RoyalCommissioner s palace. It survived through the ravages of time with its ghastlymysteries intact until a scholarly dig discovered it and innocently added it tothe University of Toledo s collection. After laying in obscurity for manydecades, it has been noticed, translated and brought to you. Thisprized find is one of the oldest specimens of what are referred to as Solomonic Heritage manuscripts being older than any currently existing copiesof the Goetia. It tells the tale of King Solomon s heroic encounter with 72 powerfulbeings of evil incarnate. Ouranonymous ancient sorcerer left complete details on the 72 most evil of thedjinn, their names, their descriptions, their locations, their afflictions andthe magical keys to counter their attacks on humans. This manuscript standsunique in comparison with traditional djinn grimoires, since djinn demand thatthe sorcerers must not reveal their secrets, or suffer terrible pain.

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